Red Front Door



Red chair hanging from tree
Cornelia Oberlander juggling apples
Italia Alyssum
Ewen's Chair
Bracelet Warp 9 Design
Midnight at the oasis
Queen of diamonds
Leona Wadhams
Diana Ferguson queen of hearts
Alvin Tolentino
Berlin Angels
Medici Courtyard
Leaping birds, Lola MacLaughlin
Elizabeth Mazzone
Bobo and Kumbha
Kathryn Youngs
Peeling Planet
Bread & Roses
Double Exposure
Curly Gold


Kiku Hawkes

Kiku Hawkes is a Vancouver-based artist, photographer and instructor whose work treats photographic images as raw material for exploring transformational processes, tensions between worlds of interior and exterior, public and private, mythic and mundane. Her works integrate a variety of contemporary and historical alternative photographic processes, and are characterised by embellishments such as hand-colouring and embroidery.

In addition to exhibitions, publications and public art installations. Hawkes has taught at a variety of venues, from universities to prisons; as well as producing award-winning images in editorial and commercial photography.


Kiku Hawkes can be reached at:

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